About us

PMT Vinhos was born in 2014 with the ambition to do differently.

Dedicated to the distribution of wines for the restaurant and wine cellar market, our company soon stood out for the exclusivity, character and refinement of its wines, and for its professional and responsible service.

We invest in long-term partnerships, always privileging close contact with our customers and producers and other business partners.

With a dynamic and experienced team, we bring you the best that is done in our country.

"There is a world in a bottle of wine."

Wesley D’Amico

With our commitment, moral duty and professional ethics, we share our vision with partners, customers and producers, always paying attention to their needs and supporting them with our entire dedication.

We believe it is an asset for our partners, customers and producers, creating strong ties and dedicated partnerships.

We are immensely proud in our country and we want to make a difference, creating responsible and sustainable growth, based on principles of good conduct and corporate and institutional responsibility.

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